Oct 19, 2009 · The Best Type of Internet Service to Get for Home Business. You might think that all types of Internet connections are the same, however there are many differences. Aside from price, between service providers and the different kinds of connections that an Internet service provider, or ISP, provides. Written by: Cliff H Woods

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The key difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web (WWW or the Web) is that the Internet is a global connection of networks while the Web is a collection of information that can be accessed using the Internet. In other words, the Internet is the infrastructure and the Web is a service on top.

If Section 230 gets killed, Wikipedia will die along with 2 days ago · This participatory vision of what the internet could be was based around user-generated content. By putting the creative process in the hands of everyday users, Web 2.0 ushered in the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and — crucially — Wikipedia. Wikipedia is, perhaps, the Web 2.0 dream at its most pure. WELCOME TO NAIJALASGIDIS BLOG

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