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In February 2008, the browser reported 6.5 Million downloads which made xB Browser the most downloaded anonymous browser of its time. (Source: Wikipedia ) As for anonymity, the basic infrastructure works on Tor, the traffic is routed through the Onion network which both masks the IP address, as well as encrypts the traffic. Most Secure Web Browsers 2020 - Private Browsers - PrivacyEnd Apr 30, 2020 7 Best Free Proxy Servers for Anonymous Web Surfing Apr 13, 2020

Orfox: Tor Browser for Android. The Orfox web browser is based on Mozilla Firefox that enhances anonymous web browsing. The Orfox browser uses the same source code used by Tor Browser but with a few minor modifications to the privacy enhancing features to make them compatible with Firefox for Android and the Android operating system.

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7 Best Free Proxy Servers for Anonymous Web Surfing

Free Anonymous Web Browsers. Here are 5 of the anonymous web browsers for having a private and safe web browsing. 1. Tor Is One of the Anonymous Web Browsers. Available on: Windows, Mac, linux . The Tor network has one simple goal: anonymous communication. It is the best private web browser available and the best browser for using the dark web. 10 websites on the Dark Web worth visiting | VPNOverview May 28, 2020 Top-6 Best Anonymous Browsers Or Why Privacy Matters This question might be the first thing coming to your mind while reading the title. Each browser window has sections responsible for security, privacy, so you may consider anonymity is in-built and basic. Chrome, Explorer, Opera, and their alternatives adopted download protection, URL filtering, tracking prohibition, private mode. But…