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How to specify DNS on iOS when connected via VPN? - Ask I have set up a VPN connection using my FritzBox 6330. This works great on my Macbook Air if I specify a DNS server ( - which is the address of my FritzBox) in the network settings of the VPN. On iOS however there is no such entry field, hence no names can be resolved. The VPN itself works. I can connect to various IP addresses. ‎Larva VPN - Hide your IP on the App - App Store - Apple Larva has more features than most other VPN and Proxy services combined: [NEW] Unique to Larva VPN , Larva Dynamo actively monitors accessibility from key regions - if our VPN server IP is blocked in your region a new server with a new IP will automatically be deployed within 120 seconds. Connectivity restored in minutes, not hours and days! Can't access network resources over VPN connection on Mac