By having the Firefox preferences file (prefs.js in Data\profile) open in a text editor, I had been able to determine that user_pref("", 3); was being removed from the file. The culprit was indeed Tab Mix Plus as once this extension is disabled, the removal no longer occurred. I'm trying to set my homepage for Firefox 0.9.3 in the firefox.js file, so that anytime a new user logs into the workstation, they will have the same startup page. I can set this pref in the pref.js file with no problem, but unfortunately that seems to be user-specific. Best New Tab extension. It reminds me of one of the old Firefox New Tab extensions but a million times better. You could customize how many tiles you want, I think you could add a million tiles if you wanted to, and adding new bookmarks to tiles is super easy, all you have to do is right click on the webpage, and select Pin To Chrome New Tab. Milestone : Date : Checks : Nightly : 2014-10-13 : Conduct daily stability and bug triage, ensure features are owned : Aurora Migration : 2014-11-28 : Conduct testing to ensure Fi You can tell Chrome to open to a new tab page. On your computer, open Chrome. At the top right, click More Settings.; Under "On startup," select Open the New Tab page.; By default, the new tab page shows Google's logo, a search bar, and thumbnails of your most visited sites. I have a client that uses web auth for the guest wireless. When a users opens up FF, it does not automatically redirect them to the web auth page. However, IE and Chrome work fine. If you copy and paste the redirection page into FF, it will go to the page then. The only two possible solutions I Sep 15, 2017 · if i understand you correctly, you do not want to restore the previous session on restart – if that’s the case, look at “” here’s a handy trick if you’re trying to figure out which preference is tied to a setting in the Firefox preferences UI –

May 02, 2019 · Mozilla revealed in mid-2018 that it had plans to improve the handling of different interface languages in the Firefox web browser. Firefox supported two options back then to change the language of the browser's interface: download and install language packs, or re-install Firefox using the installer of the desired language.

The startup page is set via browser.startup.homepage and possibly Note that the classic about:home and about:newtab pages will be removed in future Firefox versions (60+0 and only the Activity Stream page is available for the home page and the new tab page. This defines how Firefox will start up. 0: load a blank page (about:blank) 1: load the browser's homepage. (default) 2: load the last visited page; 3: resume the previous browser session. browser.urlbar.autocomplete.enabled. Whether Firefox will display auto-complete suggestions when you type in the address bar.

For bugs in Firefox Desktop, the Mozilla Foundation's web browser. For Firefox user interface issues in menus, bookmarks, location bar, and preferences. Many Firefox bugs will either be filed here or in the Core product. Bugs for developer tools (F12) should be filed in the DevTools product. Apr 06, 2015 · Complete removing guide. for popup virus hijacker. IE setup 1. On serach type regedit HKEY Current user : Software , Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Main. delete startup page then FIREFOX_OPTIONS public static final java.lang.String FIREFOX_OPTIONS See Also: Constant Field Values; Constructor Detail. FirefoxOptions public FirefoxOptions() FirefoxOptions public FirefoxOptions(Capabilities source) Method Detail. setLegacy public FirefoxOptions setLegacy(boolean legacy) isLegacy public boolean isLegacy() setBinary Dec 13, 2017 · If “Do not ask next time” is selected, clicking “Save and Quit” will set the “When Firefox starts” to “Show my windows and tabs from last time” ( = 3) automatically, while clicking “Quit” will uncheck the “Warn me when closing multiple tabs” option (browser.tabs.warnOnClose = false) in “Tabs” preference tab, which must be selected and ticked if This is an extension which lets you configure a bunch of Firefox settings including homepage. After that it will generate some config files. You'll need to run a startup script that copy's these files into the folder where Firefox is located. Apr 13, 2016 · is already set to 0 in the default profile, but we don't set browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone at all. This shouldn't matter unless we're reusing an old profile with an old value for this preference though.