Dropbox is asking users who signed up before mid-2012 to change their passwords if they haven’t done so since then. The cloud storage service said it was asking users to change their passwords

New workflows from Box; Dropbox adds password manager Jun 19, 2020 Dropbox is working on its own password manager Jun 04, 2020 Dropbox prompts certain users to change their passwords

Jun 17, 2020

Dropbox Professional and Business users can create a shared link with an expiration date. When creating a shared link, select Expiration and choose when you’d like the link to expire. For Dropbox Basic and Plus users, you can’t set an expiration date on your shared links, but you can always change permissions or delete links at your discretion. May 17, 2015 · Go to your email account and open the email titled “Dropbox Password Reset”. Then, click Reset Password. When the new window appears, click in the boxes labelled “New Password” and “Retype Password”, and type a copy of a new password that you want to use for your account into each of them. (Each copy will appear as bullet points to

Open the Dropbox Passwords app. Click Add (desktop) or “+” (plus sign, on mobile). Click Suggest strong password. Click the gear icon to change the length and amount of numbers and symbols in the password. Click Use password. In the browser extension: Start to create a new account on a website. Click the Dropbox Passwords icon that appears in the password text box.

Jan 25, 2014 please!! help me change my google password back to what it This policy has been in-place for a while now, and at the present there is no way to use an old password. Google states that one can not re-use a password that has been used in the last year. It's also been reported that Google's password list is about 100 long, so if you change it 100 times you might be able to use the old one again. How to: Password protect a Dropbox folder To change your password, navigate to the Security tab on the Dropbox dashboard. Password protect a Dropbox folder alternative: Remote wipe. If you’re on a Dropbox for Business or Pro account, Dropbox offers a remote wipe feature that removes the Dropbox folder from a device the next time it comes online. This approach isn’t foolproof