Jan 08, 2020

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Jul 03, 2020

Transmission-Qt is a powerful and easy to use BitTorrent client that enables users to share files. Transmission-Qt is an unofficial build that brings to Windows users all the features of the original application.

Download Transmission 2.94 for Windows. Keep on downloading with Transmission. Download Transmission-Qt 2.94 for Windows. Fast downloads of the latest free software! Click now Download Transmission-Qt - Quickly download torrent files with this tool, which lets you prioritize items, limit the download and upload speed, connect to different sessions, and more Jul 03, 2020 · UPDATE: Just tested this using the SAME torrent with a healthy 1541 seeds and Transmission managed it in 4min. Using qBittorrent I got a higher download speed (all settings and parameters the same, same port forwarding through firewall, same little snitch rules etc etc) and as a result managed it in 3min - which is appreciable. Transmission Qt Win è un client Torrent non ufficiale basato su Transmission-Qt che ti aiuta a scaricare i file in modo rapido, semplice e gratuito. Il programma ha un'interfaccia minimalista che ti consente di iniziare a scaricare torrent dopo alcuni secondi dall'avvio dell'applicazione.